Being Beardiful Means More Than Just Having An Outstanding Neck ManeThe term Beardiful we obviously use quite often, not just because it's our name, but because we strongly felt that being Beard

Being Beardiful Means More Than Just Having An Outstanding Neck Mane

The term Beardiful we obviously use quite often, not just because it’s our name, but because we strongly felt that being Beardiful, meant more than just looking great with a beard.

To put it simply, the word Beardiful is synonymous with gentleman, synonymous means it’s the same as. My point is that, growing a beard doesn’t automatically make you a man, women won’t fall at your feet because you have one, that’s called a Bugati. If you want to be truly beardiful then you must represent the following values as a man.

  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Humor
  • No Bullshit

Those four things are the four pillars here at Beardifulman that everything we do is built on top of, and we won’t sacrifice our principles for a quick to make a quick buck.

Think of the term “Beardiful” as simply meaning, outstanding examples of quality that will never let you down or take you for granted.

That simply means the Beardiful are the kinds of men who probably don’t think of women as things, say yes more than no, willing to stand on their own amidst a sea of mannequins and are far less likely to be swiping left during a conversation.

Lets also try to remember though that taking things too seriously, is seriously boring. We do enjoy livening things up by poking fun at Manscurity, “Snow Flakes” and the PC Police, in fact that’s mostly what gets us out of bed in the morning.

We do this because a huge percentage of our visitors and customers are humans, at least that’s what analytics tells us anyway.

So being Beardiful while engaging with us whether man, woman or dog is mandatory, don’t think for a dam second this is a place where you can refer to women as bitches in the comments and reviews or be disrespectful to anyone. Although we will make exceptions for Trump and his present and very beardless administration!

please, go nuts on those jizz lizards.

Let it be known that though we do have a kind of Manly tone of the website, We are not creating a safe space here for douche bags, we want to deliver some humor and a smile with your purchases regardless of sex.

So if you find what we write offensive or think we are being sexist, that probably means you are a Snowflake and you need to put down your allergy free pumpkin spice latte and remember that your opinion is a lot like an Asshole …

Good to have one but no one wants to see it in public

… if you feel the need to shit on something to make yourself feel better, just remember that we employ an entire warren of legendary & extremely hairy cave trolls that will rip out your throat and golden rainbows down it until you find yourself being used as a paintbrush.

Summing all that up: Be Bold, Be A Man, Be Beardiful, Be a Berdifulman!

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