Nemoral Grit is a beard balm developed for the outdoors man, it has a tough and robust scent of wood smoke and aged Whiskey. It's also great for keeping twigs, birds and squirrels out of your man mane while styling and protecting.
Nemoral Grit · Beard Balm
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Scent & Ingredients

What does it smell like?

Think of the scent of a freshly opened bottle of fine aged peaty whiskey or those first few wisps of smokey wood camp fires on an afternoon breeze.

Campfires and Whiskey together forever
Campfires and Whiskey together forever

Smell is subjective but personally it reminds me of falling off chairs next to campfires, and not spilling a single drop of my Scotch!

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Nature is our friend, well, unless you are a teenager. Then, you probably live your life in constant fear of being dragged into it at some point, away from your Xbox, iPhone and A.D.H.D meds.

There's no swiping where you are going sunshine
There’s no swiping where you are going sunshine

So lets be blunt, there is an undeniable human cost to spending less and less time in nature. This cost comes from stress and confusion caused by our reliance on digital products, technology, offices and reading popular media.

Now if you are reading this, you are probably not in nature, more likely at an office desk wondering how many times you can swig fresh mouthfuls of sweet peaty desk whiskey from your draw without anyone seeing you.

Pens and paper be damned
Pens, paper & white out be damned

Sadly this lifestyle can lead you to a dark place that we like to call “Nature deficit disorder”, symptoms include, referring to yourself or others as a “woke bae” or feeling uncomfortable describing your gender to other human beings, although that’s only if you still have the courage to try talking to one.

Where I grew up, if you exhibited any of the above traits, it was about the time your Dad (who is a man), would prescribe a heavy dose of camping & fire, handed you a chainsaw plus a warm beer and pointed at the closest available tree.

As close of a representation of Childhood as any image will ever get
As close of a representation of Childhood as any image will ever get

Many of us probably have a real soft spot or very fond memories of camp fires, chopping fire wood, roasting sausages, stealing dad’s beers or Whiskey while he was passed out next to the lake in his favorite chair, fishing rod in one hand, beer can in the other.

But we always seem to be perpetually tied to our dam work with no way to escape it for even a moment to fight off the dreaded “Nature Deficit Disorder”.

That’s why those wacky symptoms we described earlier creep up on you no matter how much desk whiskey you swill or how many hours you spend looking at “Nature photography”.

Nature photography
Nature photography

So if you can’t be in nature, at least smell like you know what it is and have been there once or twice before & we are not suggesting that god awful Pine wood / new car smell that you get with some other beard care products either.

We are talking about a scent that triggers your Madeleine response and can take you back to the days where camping without several tons of personables was still achievable for more than a day at a time.

Fair stoked I brought my Hop Ball this time
Fair stoked I brought my Hop Ball this time

We are talking about a Beard care product that you can take anywhere, hot or cold climates, and always rest assured you will have the ability to tame, style, protect, soften and moisturize your beard.

That is Nemoral Grit Beard balm, a robust, go anywhere beard balm that will help you escape your dreary office job without even leaving your chair!

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How To Use
  • Open the tin and retrieve a "beef stock cube" sized amount of balm.
  • Crush and rub the balm into your palm with your finger until consistency is correct.
  • Rub the balm into/onto your beard with your hands.
  • Style with comb or hands as necessary.
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