Why do I need beard oil?Well that depends on a few factors, whether you like having itchy, flaky skin, a beard that feels like a wire brush and a girlfriend with a perma rash on her chin from your

Why do I need beard oil?

Well that depends on a few factors, whether you like having itchy, flaky skin, a beard that feels like a wire brush and a girlfriend with a perma rash on her chin from your dry, scratchy beard hair. Don’t like any of these things? No, I thought not, then you definitely need beard oil.

Not just any beard oil though, Beardifulman products have gone through rigorous testing on many Scuba Diving instructors, bikers, gym buffs and scruffy Danish Santa’s (best not to ask too many questions with that last one) and have come out top in all aspects: scent, softness, hydration, texture, and the most important one – girlfriends approval.

If you have read our article ‘What the hell is beard balm and oil?’ you would understand that Beard oil moisturises and hydrates the skin underneath the beard to stop beard ruff (dandruff of the beard) and skin complaints. What is doesn’t tell you is that our beard oil will make you irresistible to women (although you probably shouldn’t wholly rely on it to get you laid, there are other traits you need for that to happen).

We have 5 different scents, with limited edition oil coming out every quarter, so you will be able to cater for all occasions. Whether you want an outdoors, woody scent like Bear Hands, a morning wakeup call with Ember Grounds, an earthy scent like Angry Head, the spicy sophistication of Rebel Skies, or a fresh zesty scent like Dirty Cop, each one has the moisturising properties to soften and add shine to the beard hair. Oh, and the bottles spell out B.E.A.R.D which is just cool.

After you have tried these products you will be asking, how did I ever manage without beard oil?

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Who Is Beardifulman?

Who Is Beardifulman?

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Who Is Beardifulman? How did Beardifulman get started? Let's start at the beginning, I will keep things short and abbreviated, because words... My partner and I went on a holiday to [...]

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