Wild beards are going to need a wild wax. Lock down or style wayward strands and annoying curls with our superior, all natural, easy pliable & lightly scented beard wax, Wild Substance from Beardifulman will help keep your looking sharp!

Beard Wax

Beardifulman Beard Wax

Some beards and beard styles require a more permanent hold or the ability to really lock down wayward stands and curls. This type of beard will need quality beard wax that can style, hold and protect all in one simple product!

At present we have only one Beard Wax. The reason is thus, after we developed & tested Wild Substance, we didn't seem to need any other type of wax. It's an extremely versatile product, that you can take with you anywhere and apply anytime. Try it for yourself :)

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Who Is Beardifulman?

Hopefully, you are Beardifulman, or a Beardiful Man, who enjoys our 101% natural, premium quality, best in the world beard oils & balms. If not, then we are the people, who make and sell 101% natural, premium quality, best in the world beard oils & beard care products ...


Being Beardiful Always

The term beardiful man is "synonymous" with gentleman, also synonymous means it's the same as. My point is, growing a beard doesn't make you a man, women won't fall at your feet because you have one, that's called a Bugati. Do you want to be a beardiful man ...


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