Wild beards are going to need a wild beard wax. Get your hands on Wild Substance by Beardifulman and never worry about bad beard days ever again. Style, twist and lock down wayward hairs, strands and curls with our 100% natural beard wax, Wild Substance!
Wild Substance · Beard Wax
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Wild Substance · Beard Wax

Wild Substance premium quality beard wax from Beardifulman
Single 30ml tin of Wild Substance premium quality beard wax from BeardifulmanBeardifulman beard care products are all 100% natural made from quality locally sourced ingredients


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Wild beards are going to need a wild wax. Lock down or style wayward strands and annoying curls with our superior, all natural, easy pliable & lightly scented beard wax, Wild Substance!

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Scent & Ingredients

Wild Substance is only lightly scented by the all natural ingredients it’s made from, including Bee’s wax and Shea butters.


Is your man mane more of a man pain? Sorry no more rhyming. Are you starting to wonder why the hell you grew a beard to begin with, because now you are spending your morning trying to tame the thing to a bare semblance of neatness?

If you are sick of combing, stroking, twirling and trying to style your beard at all hours of the day so you don’t look like an Afghan wolf hound. Then we have a solution for you.

Before & after some Wild Substance Beard Wax
Before & after some Wild Substance Beard Wax

That solution is Wild Substance – beard wax by Beardifulman, get your man mane whiskers under control and lock away curls or random bloody twists with some premium quality and very very lightly scented beard wax.

The wax is also great for protecting your beard against water logging, so scuba diving instructors take note, this is the product you’ll want to apply in the morning before diving, the ocean does long beards absolutely no favors!

Wild Substance will basically help you lock down random strands and keep your beard looking far more uniform and much more Beardiful, without turning your beard into one hard solid block of hair, like some other beard care products do.

It’s a little difficult to explain but this beard care wax is completely unlike a hair gel or hardening wax. It doesn’t turn your beard into dreadlocks or prevent combing. You also won’t need a hair drier to apply it, just heat it up in your hands with some rubbing.

Basically it’s fucking magic, not even we understand how it works. What we do know is that it does work and will keep you looking dapper and your beard long, strong and well kept Beardiful.

It's magic
It’s magic
– Cyanide & Happiness (Explosm.net)

If you want to grow your beard big, you are going to need some beard wax. Wild Substance is 100% natural and no bee’s were harmed in it’s making, “probably”.

Also it’s only slightly scented by the other natural ingredients in it, so you can use as much or little as necessary at any time of the day.

Get some!

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How To Use
  • Open the Tin and retrieve a "pea" sized amount of wax.
  • Heat up the wax by rubbing into your palm with your fingers until consistency is correct.
  • Rub the wax into/onto your beard with your hands.
  • Style with comb or hands as necessary.
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