Dirty Cop premium beard oil from Beardifulman with a unique scent of summer citrus and zesty Orange, this beard oil not only protects and moisturizes your beard, but it also helps repel blood sucking insects like Mosquitoes. Get Some Today!
Dirty Cop · Beard Oil
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Dirty Cop · Beard Oil

Dirty Cop Beard Oil - Premium beard care oil from Beardifulman
Single bottle of Dirty Cop Beard Oil - Premium beard care oil from BeardifulmanBeardifulman beard care products are all 100% natural made from quality locally sourced ingredients

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Dirty Cop is a beard oil that fights corruption, repels mosquitoes and generally keeps your beardiful man beard well moisturized and healthy.

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Scent & Ingredients

What does it smell like?

People tell us it reminds them of that time they visited Ivrea in Italy and got pelted by a thousand Oranges.

yes that is really a whole town trying to kill people in armor with Oranges
yes, that really is an entire town, trying to kill people in armor, with Oranges!!

Seriously, it’s a real thing.

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Had a hard day at work tampering with evidence and generally being a corrupt piece of police officer? Are you the kind of douche bag cop who asks girls to show you their to avoid speeding fines and probably cheats at poker nights?

Probably not getting a fine
Probably not getting a fine

Well if you are, our advice to you is simply don't let your beard or moustache be unkempt when they catch you on camera taking bribes from drug dealers and other assorted riff raff.

Use Dirty Cop beard oil and rest assured when your scumbag deeds come to light that you'll still look so damn impressive, that no jury, judge or pesky corruption commissioner would ever dare convict you of anything, except maybe having one heck of an intimidating and well kept man mane.

Pesky ACC investigations will be a thing of the past
Pesky IA and ACC investigations will be a thing of the past

Worst case scenario they write you up for stealing pot from the evidence locker and ask you politely not to check it in next time, because no one likes paper work.

So when you think about that and all the other advantages of using Dirty Cop beard oil. Like, keeping your beard well moisturised, giving it a healthy glow or the fact that Dirty Cop Beard Oil can repel mosquitoes, it’s almost a no brainer. You definitely need Dirty Cop in, and as part of your daily beard care arsenal.

FYI the main scent in Dirty Cop is fresh summer citrus and little blood sucking flying things frigging hate it! That means it’s great for camping or living next to a swamp, which just so happens to be another great place for crooked cops to hide evidence, just saying.

And definitely no searching for bodies
And definitely no searching for bodies

Now we know not all cops are dirty, just most of you, so we want to make this clear.

That even if you are clean as a whistle, read your ethics text book at least once while at the academy and spend your shifts hunting down real world criminals, which we appreciate, that Dirty Cop is still 100% going to keep your beard healthy and looking dapper.

Corrupt or not, get your hands on Dirty Cop and sleep easy knowing that this beard oil will help repel both mosquitoes and corruption charges. You won’t find that in many other products!

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How To Use
  • Open the cap and use the dropper to place a desired amount of oil into your hands.
  • Try to evenly apply the oil through-out your beard with a good beard stroking and rub.
  • Use a comb to brush oil down into the roots and onto skin below your beard.
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