Bear Hands is a 100% natural & premium quality beard oil that keeps your beardiful man beard lush, healthy and protected. It is also our signature moisturising beard oil that helps prevent beardruff and also helps heal dry, damaged, itchy or flaky skin beneath your beard.
Bear Hands · Beard Oil
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Bear Hands · Beard Oil

Bear Hands Beard Oil - Premium beard care oil from Beardifulman
Single bottle of Bear Hands Beard Oil - Premium beard care oil from BeardifulmanTriple threat Bear Hands Beard Oil Package DealBeardifulman beard care products are all 100% natural made from quality locally sourced ingredients


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This beard oil is named Bear Hands, because it will turn you into a “sexual Tyrannosaurus”. Actually that was a lie, but, it will make your beard soft and give it an earthy scent that female 'bears' find irresistible.

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Scent & Ingredients

Does Bear Hands have A Scent?

Yes it most certainly does, think camp fires and freshly cut piles of fire wood in the backyard.

man with beard chopping wood outside
This guy knows what we are talking about

People also tell us it smells much like a wood working shop, where someone has just lost a finger.

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Ever wondered why Bears can walk around in the snow and not be cold? Or why when you look at a Bear you think, “holy ” what a awesome animal, I wish I was a Bear for a day?!?

Bearded Dudes Enjoying The Fires Of Life
Bearded Dudes Enjoying The Fires Of Life

Sadly, we don’t have the answers to any of that stuff above, but… What we do know is that a man who uses Bear Hands will have other men looking them like, “holy ” what an awesome animal, I wish I was that guy for a day.

Now this guy, the one with the rocking neck mane. He uses premium 100% natural quality beard care products like Bear Hands, why?

Because he enjoys maintaining his, beard health, skin health, beard softness, beard health, smelling good, beard health and he also knows that no women like badly maintained facial hair on men. Lastly there is one overriding argument for using Beardifulman beard oils over say, nothing, or other products.

you could, go fight a Bear, Bjron Viking’s style. Walk into the snow with nothing more than an axe and your beard, come home a real man

Actually, the major reason for using Bear Hands beard oil is that it will ensure you never have to shave your beard off ever again thanks to dry, itchy, damaged or flaking skin underneath!

Don't cut your beard. Use Beardifulman beard oils instead!
Don’t cut your beard. Use Beardifulman beard oils instead!

Bear Hands is basically a super effective moisturizing beard oil, anyone who has ever had beard itch or beard dandruff (beardruff), will quickly see the benefit of using it alone or in tandem with our other beard oils, balms & wax’s.

After say a week of use your lush man beard will begin to make you feel like an Omega level Marvel super hero, remember Thor & Odin, that’s the quality of Beardifulman beard oils.

Just to be clear, our beard care products, do not give you super powers or make your beard grow faster, nor will they automatically turn you into a man.

Some dude fighting a bear with improper axe techniques
Some dude fighting a bear with improper axe techniques
Image courtesy of

Sure, you could, go fight a Bear, Bjron Viking’s style, walk into the snow with nothing more than a hand axe and your beard, come home a real man. Probably inside of a very small box, or…

You could grow your beard safely and majestically using Beardifulman beard care products. Please note, we don’t encourage fighting Bears, Bears are cool!

In summary, Bear Hands will make your beard stand above the rest and prevent bad skin underneath. That’s why we developed it, that’s why you should use it!

Also because, shaving!

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How To Use
  • Open the cap and use the dropper to place a desired amount of oil into your hands.
  • Try to evenly apply the oil through-out your beard with a good beard stroking and rub.
  • Use a comb to brush oil down into the roots and onto skin below your beard.
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