Keep your man beard fresh and glitter free with Rebel Skies beard oil by Beardifulman. It sports a scent of crushed mint and iced sugar to help sooth sore beards and keep them protected from whatever the days duties might include.
Rebel Skies · Beard Oil
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Rebel Skies · Beard Oil

Rebel Skies Beard Oil - Premium beard care oil from Beardifulman
Single bottle of Rebel Skies Beard Oil - Premium beard care oil from BeardifulmanBeardifulman beard care products are all 100% natural made from quality locally sourced ingredients


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Rebel Skies Beard Oil is for beardiful sky jockey's, unsung heroes who will “rob from the rich and give to the poor, who've stood up to the man” and given him what for!

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Scent & Ingredients

What does it smell like?

Think fresh solar winds, minty gardens and ice cold Mojitos in a bar on the edge of the verse.

Whiskey shooters or Beer, actually, get the hell out
Whiskey shooters or Beer, actually, get the hell out
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It’s no secret that the TV show FireFly greatly influenced the naming of this particular beard oil. If you don’t know, or have not seen Firefly, get out!

FireFly is a space western relvolving around smuggler / war heroes, who zip around in a ship called a FireFly, getting into all sorts of jams while avoiding the government [The Alliance] and space zombies [Reavers], probably the best show ever cancelled after a single season?!?

Jayne getting his angry face on before misbehaving
Jayne getting his angry face on before misbehaving

Now the guy who gets the crew out of trouble and is often called upon for all the odd jobs and heavy lifting, is a man named Jayne Cobb, strangely he has a beard, no that is not a co-incidence.

It’s uncommonly characteristic for men with beards to be asked to help with heavy lifting, move furniture, hide contraband, drive an MF-813 Flying Mule or even sometimes, to help bust you out of space jail where you may be getting tortured to death by this guy.

Noticing Niska's distinct lake of anything resembling a trust worthy beard
Noticing Niska’s distinct lack of anything resembling a trust-worthy beard

Now men like Jayne and probably other bearded space cowboys reading this are thinking, well yeah, that’s just what we do. But let it be said that Beardiful men, will and do go beyond even dangerous space rescues to prove how Beardiful one can be.

For instance Jayne is not just known for rescuing Mal and finishing bar fights, he is also the “Hero of Canton”, a real life Robin Hood. Don’t believe me, watch the clip below, totally worth it.

The Hero Of Canton, A Man They Call JayneThe Hero Of Canton, A Man They Call Jayne

Space jockey or not, just remember it’s in the DNA of all Beardiful men out there, to not be pushed around, to search for freedom and fight for the right of all our brothers, bearded or not, to choose a life of fulfillment, adventure and reward!

The point here is that, whether you are fighting for freedom from the Alliance, blasting Reavers [space zombies] or just enduring the daily grind on outer rim planets, you need a product that will be right by your side and won’t let you down.

Jayne Cobb, a regular user of Rebel Skies Beard Oil
Jayne Cobb, frightfully menacing

Keep that man beard looking frightfully menacing and awesome with Rebel Skies beard oil. A beard care product built to withstand the toughest of conditions out there, beyond the black.

That’s why we developed it, that’s why you should be using it.

Also because, shaving!

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How To Use
  • Open the cap and use the dropper to place a desired amount of oil into your hands.
  • Try to evenly apply the oil through-out your beard with a good beard stroking and rub.
  • Use a comb to brush oil down into the roots and onto skin below your beard.
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