Ardent Mettle is a beard balm specifically designed to help protect beards in the harshest of environments. Whether you are military, police or any other everyday unsung hero, you need a robust, well rounded and moderately scented beard balm to keep your neck beard groomed and healthy. Get some today!
Ardent Mettle · Beard Balm
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Scent & Ingredients

What does it smell like?

The Star Anise (Aniseed) we use, lightly coupled with the Wild Basil gives you a, side of the river bank exploring, or walking into an old school candy store scent, it’s a very subjective smell this one.

Sometimes rule #34 works in your favor... sometimes...
Sometimes rule #34 works in your favor… sometimes…

Personally, while wearing Ardent Mettle I’m reminded of Red Twizzlers!

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Whether you are a keyboard warrior, soldier of freedom or a man in uniform, Beardifulman has been working on a product designed specifically for the harsh and frequently changing conditions you may find yourself in.

That product is Ardent Mettle Beard Balm, because you don’t want a balm or wax that is going to make your hands slippery. That’s no way to type furious ‘sick burns’ or pull the trigger on your AR-15 when aimed at some insurgent assholes head.

America, we love you
America, we love you

Many beard balms, have a high wax content, or have none at all. I like to refer to balms with no wax and no styling ability as moisturizers.

Balms with a high wax content, have nearly cost me a finger once or twice because of the residue they leave on your hands after use. Unless you have access to very hot water to clean it off, your hands will be sort of slippy.

That’s no good for wielding a hammer, carrying heavy shit around on boats or throwing spears at rampaging hordes of Visigoths & Mongol Riders.

I thank Apollo for Ardent Mettle
I thank Apollo for Ardent Mettle

That is what Roman soldiers would have said, if they had access to this beard care product. Heck they might even still be around to this day helping Christians into pits of hungry lions. Unfortunately the Romans didn’t have Ardent Mettle and were unable to maintain dominance in the theater of war, possibly due to slippery hands.

With this in mind, Beardifulman decided it was time to fix the problem and create a balm that does everything a balm should do without the draw backs.

We believe the perfect beard balm, should do the following

  • moisturize
  • protect
  • help reflect red hot shell casings
  • not make your fucking hands slippery for hours
  • not make you smell like a cabinet full of essential oils
  • allow some basic beard styling

So if any one of those properties appeals to you in your work or home life, this is the product you should be buying. If all of those properties apply, then this is definitely the beard care product you should be buying.

Also because, shaving!

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How To Use
  • Open the tin and retrieve a "beef stock cube" sized amount of balm.
  • Crush and rub the balm into your palm with your finger until consistency is correct.
  • Rub the balm into/onto your beard with your hands.
  • Style with comb or hands as necessary.
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