Do girls like beards?The simple answer is yes, except it’s not quite as simple as that, it’s not just any beard that make women go weak at the knees.Women like manly beards, beards that ar

Do girls like beards?

The simple answer is yes, except it’s not quite as simple as that, it’s not just any beard that make women go weak at the knees.

Women like manly beards, beards that are full and thick, not patchy and scraggy. Beards that we want to run ours fingers through and kiss, not scratchy, dry beards. Well-groomed and shiny beards, not beards that are crazy and untamed.

So, yes, women do like beards but they have to be well looked after, maintained, thick and soft, that is what makes a very sexy Beardiful man. Using beard oils go a long way to achieving this level of perfection.

A well-kept beard that has been tamed and groomed to perfection says “I can grow an impressive beard, I am a real man”, but also shows us ladies that you look after yourself. A scraggy, unkempt beard says laziness and gives that dirty, homeless look – a well-groomed beard exudes that out hunting, masculine, provider, man of the house presence, whilst also being able to morph into the suit wearing, James Bond, sexy sophistication style, and also showing an adventurous, air of danger and excitement biker type.

You might think that being all of this sounds impossible, how can a beard make give you all these awesome traits, it’s really not that difficult, its actually very simple. To be a sexy, Beardiful man you need to look after your beard with Beardifulman beard oils and balms, make your mane kissable soft and smelling irresistible.

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Do girls like beards?

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