What the hell is Beard Balm?There are many different reasons why men grow beards, some men grow a beard out of shear laziness, and some grow a beard for style and sexiness, some because it’s the

What the hell is Beard Balm?

There are many different reasons why men grow beards, some men grow a beard out of shear laziness, and some grow a beard for style and sexiness, some because it’s the trendy thing to do, and some just because they can.

Many men want to be able to make that beard suit them, look good, look sexy and manly at the same time, that is where beard oils and balm come in, but I hear these questions a lot: what are beard oils and balms? What do they do? Which one is better? How do I use them? Well let me enlighten you.

All our beard oils and balms are made from 100% natural ingredients; I have done long research on the different properties of oils and essential oils so that each of our beard oils not only smell good, they also have a purpose.

The beard oils are applied to the hair to make it shiny and soft, as well as penetrating deep into the skin to eliminate the itchy, dry flaky skin. Beards suck the moisture straight out of the face to stop it from getting brittle and thin, this lack of moisture makes the skin under the hair dry and itchy, it can give you beard dandruff and skin complaints such as dermatitis, not exactly a turn on for us ladies.

The carrier oils we use such as Sweet Almond oil and Jojoba oil hydrate the skin to stop the itch, Argan oil softens the hair, and the essential oil give different properties such as detoxifying, promoting hair growth, thickening the hair, revitalising and so much more. Only a few drops rubbed into the beard after a shower each day and your beard will be looking amazing in only a couple of weeks, as well as smell amazing every day.

Beard balms work a little differently, whereas the oils get right down to the skin and prevent problems there, the balms are more for making the hair soft, not only does it sit on the hair and coat them with smooth, enriching butters, the wax also allows for some styling to tame any stray, wayward beards.

Balms are excellent for an evening when you want to bit of style, or after activities such as going for a bike ride, scuba diving, cliff jumping, all the activities that can really mess with style. The balms helps control the wild look.

Our beard balms can be applied after the oil so you get the best of all properties, style, control, soft, strokable and smelling great. To use the balm just take a small pea size amount out with your fingers, rub it in the palm of your hands to melt the wax and apply straight to the hair, comb to style and tame.

We cannot promise that our products will make you more attractive, or get you laid (although they might help with that) but you will smell great, have great style and a wonderful face of hair, and they look pretty cool on your bathroom shelf as well.

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