Does having a beard get you laid?No, having a personality, charisma, charm and sense of humour gets you laid, beards just help make you more appealing, bad-ass and sexy.Beards have many qualit

Does having a beard get you laid?

No, having a personality, charisma, charm and sense of humour gets you laid, beards just help make you more appealing, bad-ass and sexy.

Beards have many qualities, appealing to most women’s tastes (let’s face it, some women just don’t like facial hair, they prefer the baby soft, clean shaven look – boring if you ask me but each to their own). Beards can make man look bad-ass tough or sensitive arty and thoughtful, stylish and trendy, sexy and rugged, or geeky and intelligent, whatever your size, shape and style of beard there is a women behind getting weak at the knees.

Beards and getting laid

Beards imply manliness; they can provide a sense of security and power. Its simple history of procreation, men are attracted to women with child bearing hips, women are attracted to men who can provide for the family, a bearded man indicates that.

Beards imply intelligence – throughout history many geniuses have had beards: Ernest Hemingway, Charles Darwin, Lord Kelvin.

Beards imply rebelliousness, women are attracted to the bad boy image, tattoos, motorbikes and beards, this adds a sense of adventure and fun.

All these qualities go a long way in helping you get laid. It’s not just a case of growing some facial hair, you need to look after it, style it, groom it, make it smell nice, you have to make it fit with your personality or make your personality fit with it, do all this with Beardifulman beard care products.

It’s the whole bearded package that makes you appealing and sexy, whether you use the oils to moisturise and thicken the beard, the balms to soften and style, or the wax to shape, find out what style looks good on you and perfect it, that will help you get laid.

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